A vote for independence could mean NO vote in the General Election…

John Stevenson, the conservative backbencher MP, has declared that the people of Scotland should not be entitled to a vote if the yes campaign wins the referendum. He is due to speak in the House of Commons on Tuesday and put forward a new Bill to “amend the Representation of the People Act 1983 to disenfranchise all residents of Scotland eligible to vote in any UK General Election held after September 18 2014 in the event of a positive vote in the Scottish independence referendum”.

Mr. Stevenson doesn’t think it right that 90% of the UK should be governed by a party which the people of Scotland helped vote in when they will soon be departing from the union shortly after the next General Election. Which is quite funny when you consider how the people of Scotland are currently being governed by a party that almost 90% of its people didn’t vote for back in 2010. I don’t recall the conservative backbencher airing his discontentment at that result all over the Herald.

So, what he’s basically proposing is that whilst Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom but on the road to independence, we should have zero input or representation at Westminster level; despite the fact that at that time the policies implemented there will still affect the people of Scotland until we do declare ourselves as an independent country.  The logic is astounding isn’t it?!

I’m sincerely looking forward to watching how this unfolds on Tuesday.

For the full article, go here: http://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/referendum-news/mp-demands-ban-on-scots-voting-in-the-2015-election.23736700


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