Danny Alexander doesn’t know his bank bail out from his elbow!


Danny Alexander gave a speech at The Scotland Office this morning regarding independence and I’ve just seen this snippet in the Herald online:

“Outlining what he calls ludicrous myths, he questioned whether Scotland would be able to bail out banks, given the size of the financial sector north of the border.”

Danny Alexander really has no place working in the Treasury department if this is what he thinks because what he’s said here just proves that he doesn’t know his bank bail out from his elbow.

FACTS about the bank bail out.

1) the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, that Scottish bank they keep telling us we wouldn’t have been able to bail out if we were an independent country, only operates around 10% of its business IN Scotland. Yes, that’s right, that Scottish bank operates 90% of its business OUTSIDE of Scotland.

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On The Defence…


Defence is one of the biggest topics surrounding the independence debate at the moment, with clashing views on what independence would mean to civilian and military personnel from the Yes and No sides.

We had Phillip Hammond, the Defence Secretary on a bit of so called Tory Tourism, speaking to a group of defence sector workers at Thales in Glasgow last week warning of the risk to their jobs should they vote yes. I did find this quite amusing considering Thales is a French owned security company.

We also had Lord George Robertson, speaking in America, telling listeners that Scottish independence would be a cataclysmic event, and that the forces of darkness are waiting in the wings to rejoice and strike. When later pressed on Newsnight Scotland, Lord Robertson was struggling to name these forces of darkness, and only managed to mumble something about Al Qaeda before moving on.

Then there was the First Sea Lord – Admiral George Zambellas (add long stream of letters bestowed upon him by the Queen here) wading into the defence debate. Sir George gave Scotland a dire warning, and said that the remaining UK’s defence would eventually cope with the loss of Scotland, but that Scotland’s defence would suffer most as a result of breaking away from the Union.

Acting as a counter balance to the Admiral’s warning, ex Army officer Colonel Stuart Crawford stated that an independent Scotland would be more than capable of running its own Armed Forces.

So who should you believe? It seems increasingly difficult for anyone to agree on anything no matter how small the issue is – it’s always yes Vs no with each side citing their own experts’ opinions and very much leaving us common folk to try and whittle through the rhetoric and to find the facts for ourselves the best we can.

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What have the SNP ever done for us?


I’m voting no because I really hate that Alex Salmond and the SNP, what have they ever done for us anyway?

Here’s a few “wee things”…

Re-introduced free higher education by scrapping fees and the £2,300 graduate endowment.

Increased funding for college bursaries to support more than 42,000 students.

358 new schools have been built or refurbished, meaning that over 130,000 pupils have been taken out of dilapidated and substandard school buildings.

They’ve put 1,105 more police on Scotland’s streets, helping drive recorded crime down to its lowest level for 37 years.

Used £46 million seized from criminals to invest in community projects for 600,000 Scottish kids.

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Scottish Independence – Why Now?


Throughout the debate over Scotland’s independence, one question continues to crop up: Why now?

What has brought Scotland to the brink of independence and the dissolution of the political union which we have been part of for 300 years?

The truth of the matter is, this isn’t a question of sovereignty now. The idea of sovereignty and independence for Scotland has been on the political landscape a lot longer than I have walked these Scottish streets. The steps Scotland have taken have been small, and often it’s been a case of one step forward, two steps back; but the journey has always had the end destination of independence as its focus…

On March 1st 1979, Scots took to the polling stations to cast their vote on whether there should be devolution for Scotland in the way of a Scottish Assembly (parliament).

One question: “Do you want the provisions of the Scotland Act 1978 to be put into effect?”, followed by a simple yes or no option appeared on the ballot papers.

A narrow majority (51.6%) voted yes to the proposals of devolution set out in the Scotland Act, which would see matters such as education, health, social services, legal matters etc, which were at the time wholly reserved to the UK Government, devolved to a new democratically elected Scottish Government.

However, due to an amendment to the 1978 Scotland Act, made by the Labour MP George Cunningham, which called for an overall yes majority to be voted upon by at least 40% of the registered electorate meant that even though a majority (although marginal) had voted in favour of devolution, Scotland would not see the devolution she had voted for because only 32.9% of the total registered electorate had voted yes.

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Benefit Fraud – Down With This Sort Of Thing!

imageLater today, and throughout the rest of the week we will hear announcements from the UK Government about their plans for further reform on welfare, the crackdown on benefit cheats, and also how new rules for unemployed people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance are about to get even tougher. We will no doubt hear, yet again, that the welfare state is unaffordable due to the growing number of people riding the wave of benefits, and that benefit fraud continues to be a massive issue for our economy and country.

Let’s have a wee look at fraud…

The total amount of fraud committed within the UK stands at approximately £73billion per year. Considering the UK is sitting on a current budget deficit of more than £91billion, it’s hardly surprising that the UK Government want to hold those responsible for that fraud to account. Naturally you would assume that they would want to go after those who are the biggest contributors to that fraud first, so obviously that’s why they’re cracking down on benefit cheats so harshly, right?

Well, erm, not quite…

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Facts And Figures Explained.



“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan


So here are the facts about Scotland’s economy I have compiled which will hopefully help expel the myths of our own inadequacy.

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