What have the SNP ever done for us?


I’m voting no because I really hate that Alex Salmond and the SNP, what have they ever done for us anyway?

Here’s a few “wee things”…

Re-introduced free higher education by scrapping fees and the £2,300 graduate endowment.

Increased funding for college bursaries to support more than 42,000 students.

358 new schools have been built or refurbished, meaning that over 130,000 pupils have been taken out of dilapidated and substandard school buildings.

They’ve put 1,105 more police on Scotland’s streets, helping drive recorded crime down to its lowest level for 37 years.

Used £46 million seized from criminals to invest in community projects for 600,000 Scottish kids.

Provided more free nursery education, benefitting 100,000 pre-school Scots.

Reformed the laws on sexual offences to make it easier to prosecute people for serious sexual attacks.

Increased funding for Victim Support Scotland and our victim notification scheme is helping people affected by crime.

Provided parents with more information on dangerous paedophiles to protect children in local communities.

A record 39 new renewable projects since coming to power and pioneering climate change legislation.

Scotland is on track to produce nearly a third of our electricity this year from clean green renewable sources. And aiming for 80 per cent by 2020.

A £10 million Saltire prize for marine energy innovation has made Scotland a focal point for research and deployment of marine renewable technology.

Reduced the carbon footprint of the rail network by delivering 218 miles of new electrified track across the country.

Recycling is at its highest level ever under the SNP Government.

There will be NO new nuclear power stations in Scotland with the SNP.

They helped 250,000 people expand their learning with Individual Learning Accounts to pay for training courses.

Frozen council tax for the past 5 years, saving the average family more than £300.

24,000 affordable houses since coming into office – that’s an average of 117 new houses every week – creating jobs in the construction sector.

Protected spending in the NHS with an extra £1.2 billion over the last four years to safeguard frontline services.

Spent £840 million to build the new South Glasgow Hospital.

Abolished prescription charges, saving people with long-term illnesses an average of more than £180 and scrapped charges at all NHS-run hospital car parks.

Criminals are being locked up for longer with prison sentences at their longest for a decade.

Violent crime is down by just under a third, and offences involving a firearm by almost half.

Tackling Scotland’s drug problem through the national drugs commission, and 20 per cent more funding to help people recover from addiction.

Slashed or abolished business rates for around 80,000 small shops and local employers, protecting jobs in tough times and matched the English business rates poundage, giving Scottish business a £200 million competitive advantage.

Committed to providing at least 25,000 modern apprenticeships this year

Found an extra £2.3 billion for jobs and public services by cutting back on waste and bureaucracy in Government, breaking the target of 1.5% efficiency savings.

Helped ensure that four out of five contracts for work in the public sector go to small businesses and our Scottish Investment Fund helps some of the best grassroots business projects get up and running.

More GP practices are open in the evenings and at weekends.

Helped to ensure infection in Scottish hospitals is now at an all time low through independent inspections, tripling the funding, hiring 1,000 more cleaners, introducing a new staff uniform and dress code and a zero tolerance approach to non-compliance with hand hygience policies.

Made sure our older generation is properly cared for by increasing payments for free personal and nursing care for the first time since it was introduced.

Plus more!

What a bunch of absolute b******s eh!


8 thoughts on “What have the SNP ever done for us?

  1. What an absolute shower. How could anyone ever bring themselves to vote for the SNP or even consider voting for Scottish democracy returned to Edinburgh. The results are cataclysmic indeed.


  2. Voting for independence isn’t a vote for the SNP. In an independent Scotland you can vote for whoever you want. It is doing a disservice to the broader campaign for independence to equate it to the SNP being in power at Holyrood.


  3. Slightly off-topic, but this is DYNAMITE!!!
    From Facebook this morning :- Why the better together campaign are desperate to deceive.

    The underlying wealth of a nation is based on “securities”. The securities that you hold as a country will dictate how strong that your currency is and at what rate and how much money that you can borrow against these securities.
    e.g. .If you own your house outright you can borrow against that “security” as the bank know that they have your house as collateral Securities for most countries are based on gold reserves held or by oil, if you are lucky enough to have that resource.
    Forget everything else for a moment and think about this. ONE day after a YES vote everything changes for both Scotland and the RUK. Westminster know this and are absolutely terrified. One day after a YES vote the complete future oil reserves currently under the control of the UK government LEGALLY pass to Scotland and the RUK are left with less than 10% as defined by International maritime borders.
    The official handover will take longer but the markets will react immediately.
    The assessment of the future oil reserves held in Scottish waters are valued at anything between 1&4 TRILLION pounds!
    Maybe never in history have the people of a country had so much power in their own hands. These incredible assets will support any currency that Scotland chooses, will allow the nation to borrow at extremely attractive market rates and support a Scottish Central Bank should this be required at any time in the future.
    The RUK‘s fiscal position one day after Independence would be nothing short of a disaster.
    Without a currency Union with Scotland the pound will collapse and the credit rating of the RUK will plummet? The RUK will be forced to go to the markets with current debts of 1.4 Trillion pounds just having lost their greatest ever asset and futures securities against their massive debts.
    How do you think that they will be perceived?
    I would put it to better together that it is they, and not Scotland who need a currency Union and that is exactly what will happen in the event of a YES vote.
    Project fear have every reason to be frightened, losing the Scottish contribution to GDP and future Oil securities must be pretty much how the government of the day felt when they lost the American colonies.
    Send it to everyone, especially any of the naysayers sites and your MSP!
    Get questions asked in Holyrood!


  4. OK, he’s done all that, and much of it is good. But on the other hand he wants to destroy Britain, and his aim of cutting Scotland out of the UK will be catastrophic for Scotland and for the UK. Overall, that makes him a bad man in my book.


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