For Common Sense

Vote No Borders has been providing me with some amusement over the past few days, particularly with the launch of their newspaper advertising campaign which included this little gem:


No, that’s not a parody – that is an actual Vote No Borders advert. It’s lovely, isn’t it? The bit about the haggis catching is my favourite part, oh how I laughed*


I was then notified by a follower on Twitter of a list of reasons on their website to vote no, according to the “common folk” of Scotland who believe we are in fact better together.

Let’s take a wee gander at that list and see if we can spot the obvious flaws in their arguments, shall we?

“To ensure Scotland can afford free university education and health prescriptions for all” Grahame Wilkinson

Can you spot it? It’s glaringly obvious, no really, you’ll kick yourself when I tell you…

The money Scotland receives to spend is entirely dependent on the money the UK Government decides to spend on services in England. The less England spends, the less Scotland receives. You may not have noticed (or you may not have read the several other blogs I’ve posted) but the NHS in England has been getting dismantled and privatised, meaning England is spending less money on its NHS services which means… *drum roll* Scotland shall receive less money in turn to spend on things like free prescriptions (which by the way Scottish Labour and Conservatives deem as an unreasonable public expenditure, and would like to scrap)

Also, the current Scottish Government want to enshrine the right of people to have access to free higher education. You really can’t do much more to guarantee the continuation of something than to actually make it a constitutional right, can you?

“I don’t want to have to apply for a visa to stay in France; there’s enough paperwork as there is!” Adam Crosbie

Well good luck with that visa application when the UK gets the EU in/out referendum in 2017 which could see Scotland removed from the European Union against our wishes, which removes your right to travel freely into France to work and live.

“As a Scot living in Scotland I want the best for my country” Alistair Wallace

Alistair obviously thinks that being grossly outnumbered by a few hundred representatives in Westminster, not having Scotland’s wishes spoken for at EU level discussions despite promises to do so , having to accept and mitigate policies from Westminster which the Scottish Government voted against by overwhelming majority, and being continually lied to for decades by the UK Government is what’s best for his country. Jolly good.

“Because we’re British, because a yes vote would be change for change’s sake, because we don’t know what an independent Scotland will look like, because we have strength in numbers.” Alyson Campbell

Someone’s taking the word separation a little too literally. NEWS FLASH: you’ll still be British, Scotland will still be part of the British Isles – we’re not about to float away up over the North Sea, we’ll still be here.

“I’m proud to be part of a country which fights tirelessly to alleviate and cure HIV, TB and Diabetes to name a few, with a world class and coordinated research from leading universities and institutions throughout the UK.” Dave Clark

Ignoring the fact that Dave makes it sound as though Scotland doesn’t have the capability to continue to fight tirelessly to alleviate and cure diseases – that World class research he mentions is heavily funded by money from the European Union, which an independent Scotland shall be part of and as such have access to that funding just as we do now. I am sure it’s not alien for other countries to work with neighbouring countries for the common good, such as curing HIV.

“Because relying on ‘our’ oil, a fast depleting natural resource, as an economic boom is going to backfire in 50 years.” Sandy Williamson

I wonder what Sandy thinks will happen to Scotland in 50 years if the oil does run out and the UK Government no longer have a use for us Scottish “subsidy junkies”?! Might be why setting up an oil fund is a good idea, and also getting rid of Trident which will enable further investigation in the areas off the West Coast which give very good indicators for oil field potential – Just a suggestion.

“This referendum should not be about the unpopular Conservatives in England v SNP, we would do better to think about how we could reform the Union, to make it more accountable and transparent for all our cititizens. We must stand firmer together if we are to survive the fast changing world around us.” Robert Eastham

Yes because clearly over 300 years hasn’t been quite long enough to reform the Union and to make it more transparent, considering the fact we are lied to on a regular basis by the UK Government. This referendum isn’t about the Conservatives Vs the SNP, in fact the only people who state this case are the pro-unionists who either refuse to accept the cross party allegiance for independence, or just aren’t paying close enough attention (which I suspect may be why they’re actually pro-unionists in the first place).

Did anyone hear a positive or justifiable case for remaining in the Union from Vote No Borders? No? Well try these:



Not from those either? Oh well, there’s also a spiffy little video to be foundhere

Pssst! That’s Malcolm Offord, the millionaire who donates money to the Conservative party telling you his “grassroots” campaign is non-party affiliated.


8 thoughts on “For Common Sense

  1. Another great blog from you – and, yet once again, cringing negativity from the Nos. Can these people really believe that things will stay the same/or improve????

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well unpicked there Alex. The VNB tory funded ‘grassroots’ campaign is such a joke. However, there are a lot of uninformed people out there who are likely to believe this crap. We all need to get this message out there. The truth will overcome.


    • Thanks sticks! The response to my wee musings has been fantastic, so thanks for all your comments and shares – we will get the truth out to everyone eventually, whether online or out campaigning!


  3. This is why we need to keep getting out there and chapping doors. This is obviously claptrap but sometimes it’s harder to debunk a blatant lie than it is to debunk a lie based on some or of fact or another. Good work Alex! 🙂 Stevie Mac, Edinburgh


    • Thanks Stevie. Definitely need to get the people on the streets to realise the truth. The debate online is only a very small amount of the electorate and unfortunately we can’t reach as many people as the BBC and the papers can as they peddle the Better Together lies.


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