It’s the General Election, stupid.


The good old Scottish accounting unit of UK Labour seems to be in quite a bit of confusion lately.  Maybe Ed hasn’t told them that it’s the General Election they’re meant to be fighting in order to keep their seats, or maybe Jim was too busy having a wee game of kick about out the back to have read the memo. Either way, I have no idea why Scottish Labour are campaigning to cling on to as many seats as they possibly can in May by focusing on Scotland’s devolved issues which are pretty much only relevant to the Scottish Elections in 2016.

The NHS is their main focal point right now, with Scot Lab sending out thousands of leaflets over this past week warning us all that our wonderful NHS is in crisis and at breaking point.  Jim Murphy has pledged 1000 more nurses for Scotland – but Murphy has no right to promise that to the electorate going into the General Election, because the NHS and its staff budget allocation is devolved to the Scottish Government. Continue reading


When things don’t exactly go to plan…

The SNPout hashtag on Twitter is a useful tool if you want to read all the inane and quite frankly bonkers ramblings of the anti-SNP zoomer brigade, but sometimes what you find lurking amid their swivel-eyed frothment is comedy gold.

I was alerted to a poll that SNPout had started on their (New blog for the Union) blog asking who we thought the most effective Holyrood leader was…. Continue reading

The Daily Propaganda – delivered straight to your door.

A follower on Twitter just showed me this free newspaper that his elderly mother received through the door of her sheltered housing accommodation….


Continue reading

The political parlance of our times.


The language used when discussing politics in Scotland is something I have touched upon briefly on this blog before, during the independence referendum; but due to recent events I think it’s something that deserves to be revisited.

The referendum ignited something in Scots that I don’t think we’ve experienced for a very long time, it’s something that I certainly had never previously experienced in my lifetime – and that is a newly awakened political engagement.  We now have people from across the spectrum of Scottish society who are discussing, debating, and most importantly of all aware of the politics of our nation as well as across the United Kingdom as a whole.

We asked for that.  We asked for people to become aware and to get involved.  Both sides of the referendum campaign reached out to those previously disengaged from politics and we asked them to join us, and they have.  Now it would seem that the complaint has moved on from “people are disengaged, this isn’t right!”  to “people are now engaged but we don’t like the way in which they’re engaging!”.  Continue reading