The Daily Propaganda – delivered straight to your door.

A follower on Twitter just showed me this free newspaper that his elderly mother received through the door of her sheltered housing accommodation….


At first glance it looks like a normal freebie newspaper, much like the Metro, or the GEN in Glasgow.   It even says at the top ” Local news delivered to you for free”…

This is not a free local newspaper.  This has been designed, created, and delivered by the Liberal Democrats – This is party propaganda.

You would need to search the small print at the very bottom of the back page in order to find that information, something which I would imagine many an elderly person, such as my follower’s mother, might find difficult to do. 

To play a little dirty is to be expected in politics but to try and trick the elderly members of your community in such a manner as this is beyond the pale.


6 thoughts on “The Daily Propaganda – delivered straight to your door.

  1. well when fighting for you job if you are a politician anything goes i mean these people only have a few weeks left before the public send this message to them to go forth and populate or F/OFF you lying money grabbing party first slug we don’t need you people or your kind you poison the very air we breath

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  2. That’s the Liberal Democrats for you. And the Liberals before them. Devoid of principle beyond personal self advancement. A pox on them


  3. Had the same thing in Charlie Kennedy’s own constituency. Strange thing, almost all the things Charlie was concerned about were devolved issues.
    Maybe this is plan B if he does get turfed out – he is setting himself up for a run at Holyrood seat! He has obviously boned up on devolved issues. Pity he didn’t do the same on Westminster issues – or let us know what he and his party would do if elected. But then, would we believe him? Some did last time and look what they got!


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