To all the lassies (and laddies)


Yesterday at Scottish Labour’s conference in Edinburgh, MP David Hamilton stood up and delivered a speech in which he threw out cheap shots at the First Minister of Scotland.  He looked at Scotland’s first female First Minister and attempted to reduce her to a mere hairstyle in order to secure some laughs.  And laughs he did receive, alongside whoops and applause as he referred to Nicola Sturgeon as the “Wee lassie wi a tin helmet”.

Today is International Women’s Day, and this year it’s all about empowering women.  We live in a world where women are treated unfairly, unequally.  It’s a world where women are far less likely to hold high-ranking positions in top companies, where pay is grossly unequal, as women are paid on average 17.5% less than men for every equal hour worked; and where we are grossly underrepresented in the political landscape of the UK.

As David Hamilton stood on that stage making his speech and being applauded for his casual sexism, many of the women I know were standing out in the rain reaching out to their fellow voters, trying to engage with them and getting them involved in our political system.

What I don’t think David Hamilton, or those who found his comments hilarious, realises – is that it’s comments such as these that just make us ever more determined in our efforts to succeed.

We see your sexism and we raise you one finger as our journey towards an equal society continues.

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24 thoughts on “To all the lassies (and laddies)

  1. The Scottish branch of the labour party grow more pathetic by the day – and insulting our First Minister is only adding to their desperate tactics. On International Women’s Day, I’m so proud to be one of the tin hat brigade. Let’s stop the patronising red tories now

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    • Well said Anne-Marie. I would like to think the majority of women Labour voters found themselves flinching at Hamilton’s words yesterday. Let’s hope they see Labour for what they are and find themselves opting for a truly progressive party by voting SNP.

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      • I don’t think Ms Lamont really wanted to be there and would have disagreed with anything anyone said.

        According to a Labour Party commenter on The Herald, Ms Lamont cut a lonely figure in the canteen with no one to talk to during the Labour Party wake.

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      • I actually feel quite sorry for her (almost) as her parting comments about the Scottish branch office and Labour dinosaurs have surely rendered her persona non grata with the “in-crowd”. I don’t like to think of anyone being mistreated in such a manner though, regardless of how abhorrent her behaviour was throughout the indyref campaign.

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  2. Just in case anyone wants to give it laldy, the Labour Party signed up to Women for Independence: Independence for Women’s ‘No More Sexism’ campaign for the General Election. 🙂 Peas n loaf ❤ I have no time to shake my pitchfork at them – I'm moving flats ! 😛

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    • haha! Happy house moving Ellie.

      That’s the most disappointing thing (after it being said, and people actually laughing at it of course) Labour did sign up to sending off sexism, so why aren’t they openly decrying Hamilton’s remarks?

      It’s party before principles every time with Labour.


  3. Thanks for the laugh.

    Great read and a big ” WELL DONE GIRLS” and of course the odd blokes showing their support. All inclusive we are.

    Gonna have this grin on my face all night. 🙂

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    • I don’t know Janice, I hope that it soon dies out. I have two sons and I’ll be doing my utmost to make sure they see women as their equals. Hopefully if we all do this with our children, by the time they are adults we’ll be some-way towards a truly equal society.


  4. Hahahaha! Fearty wee man. If you can’t make a mature and relevant point without resorting to bullying and schoolground behaviour, and demeaning your opponent, it means your feeling very threatened. Any one else smell the fear??? Raise your noses in the air and have a good sniff if you do!! Love it!!

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  5. GO get em girls. Just One of the dinosaurs Johann Lamont was talking about…from the days when you weighed the Labour vote. I was never a fan of Johann Lamont. But the manner in which she left was not just a fit of pique,it was a warning to her own party that they seem to have failed to learn. But in the days when we are trying promote equality, why are women the butt of how they look in any party? To rapturous applause. ‘The wee lassie with the tin helmet’ is the first minister of Scotland. A consummate debater and politician the likes of which the Labour Party would give their eye teeth to have. She is head and shoulders above the two candidates for Prime Minster and would be welcomed on international stage. Jim Murphy is a light weight opportunist in comparison. What on earth happened to the Labour Party?. It lost its soul and seems to think merely attacking the SNP is a winning policy. While they were trying to woo middle England they let the SNP steal all their clothes and left wing agenda. That’s fine by me. I’m a left leaning nationalist. And so are more and more scots while SL sound bites their way to oblivion.
    What policies are shunned in England has never been that way in Scotland. As has been said recently. Scotland hasn’t left the Labour Party. The Labour Party has left Scotland. Taxi for Scottish Labour. It’s all they should need or deserve.

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  6. I thought Mr. Hamilton’s speech, if it could be called that, was bad enough but the Steve Bell’s cartoon in today’s Guardian sent me over the top. Posted a very irate complaint to IPSO as a result but I expect I’ll just be seen as another humourless, chippy Jock. On reflection perhaps we shouldn’t interrupt them when they make (and keep on making) so many mistakes. Great blog by the way. Now bookmarked for a daily visit.

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    • Thanks very much Andrew. Ah *that* cartoon. It’s amazing how the (no doubt much expected & anticipated) angry response that it received is being highlighted as worse than the actual work itself. The mind boggles on how that works.

      Oh God, daily visits? No pressure then! 😉


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