Knowing Jim, knowing Ruth; Aha!

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I saw a chart earlier based on online responses to the Leaders’ Debate that was shown on BBC One Scotland this evening.  The debate was between Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, Ruth Davidson of the Scottish Conservatives, Jim Murphy of Scottish labour, Patrick Harvie from the Scottish Green Party, Scottish Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie; and rather unfortunately for anyone watching, UKIP’s David Coburn.

Unsurprisingly, Nicola Sturgeon topped the chart with the most positive responses whilst David Coburn was placed last.

What I did find surprising, at least at first, was the fact that Scottish Labour’s Jim Murphy placed behind Ruth Davidson.  A Tory received a higher positive response than someone from Labour in Scotland.  Just think about that for a second…

Once you’ve thought about it, it really stops being so surprising.

With Ruth Davidson you know where you are.  She makes no apologies for her politics, she’s completely upfront about wanting to see universal benefits like free university education, free prescriptions, free personal care etc all scrapped.  She’s honest about supporting Trident and the renewal of the next generation of nuclear weapons to be based in Scotland.  She’s open about the fact she wants to see cuts made in order to address the deficit and if that means people are pushed further into poverty, then maybe they just need to work a bit harder at getting on in life.  You may loathe her politics, but you cannot deny that at least she stands there and staunchly defends her political beliefs.

Jim Murphy on the other hand comes across as sleekit.  You don’t know where you are with him, because he tells that many lies by the time your head has stopped spinning you don’t even know where you are yourself.   Whilst Jim Murphy says he hates seeing nuclear weapons anywhere near our towns and cities, he votes against scrapping them.  Whilst Jim Murphy talks about protecting education, his actions tell a different story.  Murphy says it’s a disgrace that we have food-banks but his party will be reducing welfare spending, and in Scotland his MSPs voted against free school meals for young primary school children.  He waves around a copy of the Charter for Budget Responsibility whilst trying to shout his denial over Nicola Sturgeon, but what he fails to tell you is that it is widely known that Labour did indeed vote for approximately £30 billion of further austerity with the Tories – a fact which David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Leanne Wood and Natalie Bennett all nodded along in agreement with as Nicola Sturgeon spoke about it at the 7-way Leaders’ Debate on ITV last week.

Does this look like a man who is vehemently opposed to Trident to you?


The fact that Ruth Davidson appears to have been better received than Jim Murphy is not due to the fact that people across Scotland have suddenly become right-wing Tory supporters; it’s that they have lost so much faith in Scottish Labour and have been able to see right through their clingfilm-like lies, that they find themselves admiring the honesty of the Tory politician over the lies of the Labour one.

Whilst Labour may have lost all sense of integrity, the people of Scotland have not – and that is why Labour in Scotland have one hell of a task on their hands if they’re going to stand a chance of retaining the vast bulk of their seats in May.


15 thoughts on “Knowing Jim, knowing Ruth; Aha!

  1. It should be borne in mind that the audience for the Aberdeen debate was selected by the BBC.
    Aberdeen is not representative of Scotland and many have prospered inordinately from oil and gas.
    There are a lot of closet Tories who are very happy with the status quo, so its of little surprise and of less significance that Ruthy is popular.

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  2. Spot on.
    Sad thing about the current British labour party in Scotland is, their leader will continue on this shifty eyed course till May 7th. Its what he does.
    I doubt now, that even if Slabour did the unthinkable, and declared they were actually 100% FOR independence, and intended to fight for it, they would have time to recover.
    Trust is now more important than ever, it is in such sort supply. At least with Davidson people feel they can trust her to continue to inflict their damaging left wing party policies. Trouble is her mate, Zac Goldsmith kind of knocks that on the head with his “Politicians lie, …that’s what they do” line!
    Good read, keep it up Alex …AH HAAA!

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  3. Ruth Davidson can behave in a civilised manner. I wouldn’t want to discuss her loathsome political ideas with her, but I could imagine talking about books or movies with her over a cup of coffee. Jim Murphy’s very voice gives me the creeps. I only saw snippets of the debate last night, and his behaviour was simply disgusting.

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  4. Appointing Jim Murphy as branch leader was the Labour Party’s second biggest error; the first being to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Tories during the referendum.

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  5. Great post and great descriptions. Jim Murphy does more twirls than a ballet dancer – hopefully, people will carry on seeing through his lies – Jim Murphy, the man who will say whatever he thinks people want to hear. And, this is the reason he sounds insincere.

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  6. Spot On with Ruth Davidson ,she says it as it is for the Party she stands for ,although None of it goes down with myself. The Smurph is a different kettle of Fish, out and out Lier who can only shout his mouth off , Creep, Sleekit and sad excuse of a man . To think I voted Labour for 48 years , until I woke up .Personnaly I think Westminster has awoke a sleeping Giant and it’s only the beginning.

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  7. You can respect someone’s honesty, integrity, etc. without necessarily respecting their beliefs, as you say, Ruth is an example of this scenario. The problem for people like Murphy is his apparent total lack of any sort of redeeming qualities or virtues – in other words as Douglas so eloquently put it earlier, he’s a chancer.

    P.S .You should blog more often.

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  8. Hey, I was in the audience in Aberdeen, and I would have said the split was roughly 45percent yes leaning and 55percent no, so they probably got it right. I was a yes voter, they just didn’t pick me to comment. I really wasn’t aware of anything underhand. The Unionists just ganged up on Nicola, and didn’t actually answer the question on oil and gas transition. They used it to soapbox about oil price and FFA.


    • It wasn’t a very good format, was it? I much preferred the 7 Leaders’ debate we had on ITV last week. I thought that was a much smoother format and was more controlled. Good to hear from someone who was there!


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