When things don’t exactly go to plan…

The SNPout hashtag on Twitter is a useful tool if you want to read all the inane and quite frankly bonkers ramblings of the anti-SNP zoomer brigade, but sometimes what you find lurking amid their swivel-eyed frothment is comedy gold.

I was alerted to a poll that SNPout had started on their (New blog for the Union) blog asking who we thought the most effective Holyrood leader was…. Continue reading


The BBC Protest

I took part in the peaceful (and fun-filled) protest outside BBC Scotland at Pacific Quay a few weeks ago, as did many many hundreds of other people who are as disgruntled at our state broadcaster as I am.
To be honest, it wasn’t just the reporting of the independence referendum that prompted me to attend, but rather the BBC News and current affairs programmes’ handling and reporting (or there lack of) on certain events over the last few months.

I was, and continue to be, disgusted by the mass coverage that Nigel Farage and UKIP received in the months before the EU elections. It got to the point that if I hadn’t seen a UKIP representatives’ face on my TV for 5 hours or so, I began to wonder if the entire party had been abducted by aliens.

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What have the SNP ever done for us?


I’m voting no because I really hate that Alex Salmond and the SNP, what have they ever done for us anyway?

Here’s a few “wee things”…

Re-introduced free higher education by scrapping fees and the £2,300 graduate endowment.

Increased funding for college bursaries to support more than 42,000 students.

358 new schools have been built or refurbished, meaning that over 130,000 pupils have been taken out of dilapidated and substandard school buildings.

They’ve put 1,105 more police on Scotland’s streets, helping drive recorded crime down to its lowest level for 37 years.

Used £46 million seized from criminals to invest in community projects for 600,000 Scottish kids.

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Benefit Fraud – Down With This Sort Of Thing!

imageLater today, and throughout the rest of the week we will hear announcements from the UK Government about their plans for further reform on welfare, the crackdown on benefit cheats, and also how new rules for unemployed people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance are about to get even tougher. We will no doubt hear, yet again, that the welfare state is unaffordable due to the growing number of people riding the wave of benefits, and that benefit fraud continues to be a massive issue for our economy and country.

Let’s have a wee look at fraud…

The total amount of fraud committed within the UK stands at approximately £73billion per year. Considering the UK is sitting on a current budget deficit of more than £91billion, it’s hardly surprising that the UK Government want to hold those responsible for that fraud to account. Naturally you would assume that they would want to go after those who are the biggest contributors to that fraud first, so obviously that’s why they’re cracking down on benefit cheats so harshly, right?

Well, erm, not quite…

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