A Brief Encounter of the NO kind


*UPDATE 19/08/14 13:45: I have reason to believe that the man called Sam I speak about in this blog is Sam Harty, and is apparently MP Tom Clarke’s election agent, although that remains yet unconfirmed*

On Saturday morning I attended the Alistair Darling meeting in Coatbridge with a few friends. We were lucky enough that a friend had managed to get past their vetting process and receive tickets.

Better Together meetings, unlike those from Yes, are shrouded in secrecy. In order to gain entry you first have to apply for tickets and give them your name, address, and email address. If you’re lucky enough to pass their process, you are allocated tickets – although that still doesn’t secure you entry as many people have found out, Including a dear Yes supporter called Ronnie, who I have a bit of a soft spot for. Despite Ronnie having been allocated two tickets, he turned up to be told he couldn’t get in because they were full. One does have to wonder how a ticketed event could possibly be full…

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The BBC Protest

I took part in the peaceful (and fun-filled) protest outside BBC Scotland at Pacific Quay a few weeks ago, as did many many hundreds of other people who are as disgruntled at our state broadcaster as I am.
To be honest, it wasn’t just the reporting of the independence referendum that prompted me to attend, but rather the BBC News and current affairs programmes’ handling and reporting (or there lack of) on certain events over the last few months.

I was, and continue to be, disgusted by the mass coverage that Nigel Farage and UKIP received in the months before the EU elections. It got to the point that if I hadn’t seen a UKIP representatives’ face on my TV for 5 hours or so, I began to wonder if the entire party had been abducted by aliens.

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A Letter From No…


The above letter was sent to me via Twitter earlier today, by a ‘No’ voter I first encountered, and enjoyed chatting with, yesterday.

Due to the chronic character limits on Twitter, I’ve decided to use this blog as a means of putting my two pence worth in.

It’s no secret that I am planning to vote yes for independence, but for me the vote isn’t just a political one. I’m not voting ‘Yes’ just to rid myself or Scotland of David Cameron or the Tories, because no one can say with 100% certainty that in the future the people of Scotland won’t vote for a Tory government themselves at some point.

For me, It’s not all about the Tories or David Cameron, and it certainly isn’t all about the SNP or Alex Salmond – it’s about the fact that I believe Scotland, with its 5.4million people, should be a sovereign country in its own right and not an appendage of the United Kingdom.

I have to laugh here! My brain is having an off day and the word appendage suddenly looked very strange, so I highlighted the word in order to get its definition for clarity and this is what I was faced with.

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From Around The World…


I really love looking at the stats for this blog and seeing that people from all around the world have come across my pages.

So feel free to leave a wee comment with where you’re from, say hello, and leave any comments on how you view the issues of Scotland’s independence.

It would be great to hear from you.

Haste ye back!
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Is This The Best We Have?!

I sent out a tweet several days ago voicing my disappointment at the way some Scottish politicians and councillors have been conducting themselves across social media, their behaviour often coming across as borderline abusive, derogatory, and somewhat troll-like.


Councillor Stephen McCabe giving a prime example here:



A response to the tweet I posted led me to the blog of one Mr. Terry Kelly, a Labour councillor for Paisley West. I had never read this councillor’s blog before, and upon clicking the link I was absolutely disgusted and furious in equal measure.

This is the sight which first met my eyes:

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Danny Alexander doesn’t know his bank bail out from his elbow!


Danny Alexander gave a speech at The Scotland Office this morning regarding independence and I’ve just seen this snippet in the Herald online:

“Outlining what he calls ludicrous myths, he questioned whether Scotland would be able to bail out banks, given the size of the financial sector north of the border.”

Danny Alexander really has no place working in the Treasury department if this is what he thinks because what he’s said here just proves that he doesn’t know his bank bail out from his elbow.

FACTS about the bank bail out.

1) the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, that Scottish bank they keep telling us we wouldn’t have been able to bail out if we were an independent country, only operates around 10% of its business IN Scotland. Yes, that’s right, that Scottish bank operates 90% of its business OUTSIDE of Scotland.

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If I vote yes, is it a vote for Alex Salmond?

This is a question and an opinion trend that I’ve seen sweep across Twitter and other social media, and it really rips ma knittin’ – Let me be absolutely clear here, by voting yes for Scottish independence, you are not voting for or endorsing Alex Salmond and the SNP. You are voting for and endorsing your country’s right to self determination; and one beautiful prospect about an independent Scotland is that you will have the chance to vote for your preferred Scottish party at our very own general election, only a few short weeks after Scotland declares independence on March 24th 2016.


Many times in recent months I’ve seen and heard people state “I really hate Alex Salmond, so I’m voting no” – What I completely fail to understand, is the logic behind that argument. By their very own reasoning, voting no due to a dislike of Salmond, they are then pledging to support a Westminster government they in all likelihood won’t have voted for (if recent opinion polls which show the Conservatives gaining points are correct), and probably don’t even like very much either…. Nope, I still don’t get it, I am utterly baffled.


Last night George Galloway appeared on BBC2’s Newsnight Scotland to debate with Jim Sillars on Scotland’s independence, and he seemed thoroughly intent on issuing his severe warning to voters in the referendum that if they voted yes then Alex Salmond will be their Prime Minister. What George completely failed to comment on, even once, was the fact that from the day Scotland declares its independence until Scotland democratically votes for its Prime Minister in the Scottish general election, there is only a lapse of 44 days. That’s it, 44 days of Alex Salmond being in sole charge of Scotland before the people of Scotland decide his political fate. Considering the vast majority of Scots didn’t vote for David Cameron in the UK 2010 general election, and yet we’ve had to suffer 1169 days thus far of his policies and government, what’s 44 days in comparison if it means an end to Westminster rule over our country once and for all?!


Independence isn’t about political party affiliation with the SNP, if that was the case there wouldn’t be a growing number of right wing conservative voters intending to vote yes at the referendum. If it was all about Salmond, there wouldn’t be the Labour For Indy group. We wouldn’t have socialist Tommy Sheridan traipsing up and down the country putting across the case for independence (in his own colourful and unique way). The fight for independence transcends political allegiance. Members and voters from all the main parties have put aside their political differences to unite in the strong belief that Scotland will be a more equal, fair, just, and prosperous country with a yes vote.


A vote for independence isn’t a vote for Alex Salmond, it’s a vote for Scotland.